MACROMEX was awarded three excellence awards at the Piața Awards Gala - the 18th edition

The Macromex company is proud to announce that it has been awarded three excellence awards at the Piața Awards Gala - the 18th edition, organized by Piața Magazine. These recognitions underscore our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and sustainable partnerships.

Awards Obtained:

  1. The Best New Brand for the Fresh Filled Pasta Range – Food & Glory

We are delighted to be recognized for the innovation brought to the field of fresh filled pasta. This award reflects our passion to bring a superior quality product to our customers and partners.

  1. The Strongest Brand in the Other Food Products Category - Edenia

We are honored that our brand has been rated as the strongest in the category of other food products. This award underlines the trust that our customers and partners have in the Edenia brand.

  1. The Best Partner - Macromex

Being recognized as the best partner is a testament to our solid and long-lasting relationships with our business partners. Effective collaboration is critical to our shared success.

We are grateful for the appreciation given by Revista Piața and we promise to remain dedicated to quality, innovation and reliable partnerships. Thank you to our customers, partners and team for your constant support.